Tracked Rescue and Emergency Vehicle

TREV-1 serves to provide relief in time of earthquake, flooding, landslide, snow, storm with driving snow, excavating debris, removing obstructions, and also provides relief and aid for the vehicles involved, transportation and loading of foodstuffs and equipments.


Incorporating live padded track with rubber shoes.

Equipped with dozer for clearing roads and removing obstructions.

Equipped with life detector , thermal vision device, rescue pneumatic jacks, scissors, hydraulic jack, and gas meter,etc.

Provided with rescue equipments including winch, rope, pulley etc. and machines for cutting concrete, wood and metal.

Incorporating communication and navigation equipments (equipped with a 40W power and 40 km range VRC-222 radio set).

Incorporating a telescopic crane with 3.3 t capacity and operating range of 1.9 m for removing objects and obstructions.


Equipped with armored cabin providing the capabilities as follows: Necessary resistance to burst and blast wave.

Fitted with bulletproof and anti-explosion glass.

Proper insulation for sound and heat.

Proper field of view and operator convenience.

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