(TRC - 128 ) Radio Relay

The digital radio relay TRC-128 is a full duplex communication system which sends and receives voice, data and image with the maximum capacity of 8Mb/s through the frequency range of 225 to 400 MHz.

This system could be applied as point to point, in a network or as a repeater.


Voice, data and image transmission

Controlling output power

Relay facility


Internal monitoring and test

Remote monitoring and test

Automatic duplexer setting

Easy and quick installation

Protected against eavesdropping and jamming

Changing data transmission rate

Plain and ciphered operating mode

Changing output power from 1 to 20 W

O.W supervisor channel with the rate of 64Kbps

Displaying received signal strength

Displaying output power

Displaying internal temperature

Signal reception and connection indicator

Subjected to MIL-STD-810

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