(TRM - 8c - 3000) Tactical Radio Monitoring

TRM-8C-3000 is an Eight Channel Radio Monitoring System working at0.5 to 3000 MHz frequency band. It detects all conventional analog and digital modulation.

This system contains one receiver for searching and seven hand off receivers for monitoring. BY IF spectrum processing method , it has the maximum scan rate of 10GHz/s . All 7 receivers can monitor 1000 channels. Taking advantage of using two separate racks enables the operators to manage radio monitoring and channel searching independently. This feature extends the system application specially during tactical operations.


8 Channel simultaneous interception.

Fast search.

Interception of all conventional analog and digital modulations.

High quality antenna ( omni & direction) for better sensitivity.

8 x 1000 monitoring channels.

High quality antenna distribution system for easy operation.

Remote control operation and network based interception.

8 channel digital recording & play back system.

Wide band IF (BW=10MHz) recording.

Tactical & stationary application.

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