(UWP27 - 1) Underwater Pinger

Pingers are guiding devices used to provide an acoustic energy source that can be heard with a hydrophone.

Used as an acoustic beacon, pingers commonly produce and send out the regular pulses in specific rate in water by a transducer. UWP27-1 as an underwater pinger is a small, rugged and reliable acoustic signaling device used for marking equipment and underwater sites.

UWP27 -1 offers flexible features that allow you to tailor it to your requirement.

Factory selectable acoustic power out puts, frequencies, and time dealays give the ability to order UWP27-1 in many configurations. Using an off-the-shelf 12 volt battery, adds the advantage of cost effective maintenance.

UWP27 -1, continuously sends out an acoustic signal for up to 10 days.

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