VHF Airborne Ground Radio Communication System

GBR-160 is VHF transceiver for using in air traffic control towers, radar center or coastal sites.

Due to its wide frequency range and AM/FM modulation, many application in VHF band such as civil and military ATC, commercial VHF communications and maritime / navy communications is supported.

By using a remote control unit, all functions and voice communication can be established up to 500 meters distance.

This system can be used in air surveillance and traffic control towers (military and commercial aircrafts), command shelters and vessels to establish ground to air communication.

ARC-160 operates in 108-174 MHz frequency range, from 108-118MHz operates as a receiver for navigation purposes and transmission in not permitted, from118- 137 MHz with AM modulation and 25 or 8.33 KHz channel spacing the radio is used for civil air traffic control (ATC)communication.

From 137 to 156 MHz with AM& FM modulation and from 156 to 174 MHz with FM modulation maritime communication is provided.


AM, FM , VHF airband and marine base radio

Suitable for using in watchtower and airborne control center

Guard receiver with AM modulation in 121.5 MHz

Usable in desktop and rack mount mode

Output power selectivity in low and high mode

Retransmission mode

ADF mode facility

Subjected to military standard

High receiver sensitivity

Remote control facility

High frequency accuracy

Squelch ON/OFF indicator

Frequency & test process display via LCD

Mains supply and battery facilities

Retransmission mode

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