(VRC - 110-R) HF Transceiver

The VRC-110/R is a vehicular HF transceiver with selectable power out put (25.50,100 W) with SSB,SSBCW and AME modulation in the frequency range of 1.6~29.9999MHz.

The radio is equipped with external automatic antenna matching unit which can operate with rod, dipole and wide band antennas to establish communication in Mores, audio and data mode for long range distance approximately 1000 ~ 2000Km, between vehicular and base stations.

The VRC-110/R uses advanced hardware & software to control function of the radio up to 3Km. So in case that commander wants to be far from propagation location, he will be in safe place if deploys the radio remotely.


Removeable panel control up to 3KM

100 preset channels

Display for showing frequency, power,…

SWR showing

Facility of connecting to computer

Built in internal modem and facility to connecting to external modem

Built in internal encryption and facility of external encryption connection

Audio and squelch processor for improving quality

Audio volume control

Protection against reversed polarity

Protection against mismatch or antenna short connection

Automatic antenna tuning

Built in internal speaker

Equipped with clarifier

Equipped with internal voltage regulator

Portable facility

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