(VRC - 58) VHF Transceiver

The VRC-58 is an extremely reliable vehicular VHF transceiver for long range voice and data communication.The radio is designed in VHF band (narrow band FM) for using in vehicular/ base station.

This system has removable panel which can be separated from the main transceiver and operates all functions via a pair wire up to 4Km.

This system has the variety of capabilities such as high / low power selection, manual / automatic channel scanning, SMS sending, …

The VRC-58 provides 100 pre selection programmed channels. This system has compatibility with majority of FM VHF transceivers currently in service world wide, according to construction of FM modulation, noise reduction in this method is better than the others.

others.It supports the 150Hz tone and noise operated squelch facility.

The radio can be programmed to operate in either simplex on two frequency simplex (half duplex) mode. The transceiver can operate with internal digital voice encryption unit.


30 - 880 MHz synthesizer controlled

FM narrow band

Remote panel up to 4Km

100 preset channels

Connectable to external ciphering system, modem and data terminal

Simplex and half duplex

Handset / headset / hands free audio output

External encryption key data entry via gun / PC

Tone /Noise squelch operation

Power output selection

LCD facility

User ID and password facility

Emergency key erase facility

Simple man-machine interface (MMI)

Audible/visual warning facility

External programming facility

Retransmission facility

Internal SMS (sell call, group call, broadcast)

Scanning facility

Channel space selection facilities

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