Wireless Fire Control

Wireless fire control device has been designed to control, plan and execute explosive operations from far distance. With this system, it is possible to plan trapping of 400 point of an area with 5-kilometer radius


Possibility to identify every receiver by every transmitter.

Possibility to test and show outputs of all recievers in 20 channels at the same time and fully schematic with pre-defined indexes.

Display all menus in fully schematic.

Choice menus by touch pannel or push button.

Possibility to single or group explosions of one or more reciever outputs contemporaneously.

Ability to plan outputs of one or more reciever for delayed explosion.

Possibility to ignore delayed settings.

Possibility to test reciever and transmitter battery conditions and display battery’s voltage.

Possibility to disable recievers for collections.

Possibility to identify and change system code.

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