23x152mm - Anti Aircraft Ammunition
23×152 MM (APIT) This round forms part of 23mm series fired by ZU-23 air defense gun. The projectile is a solid steel body with steel ballistic cap and tracer assembly in the base. The tracer burns for at least 5 seconds. 23×152 MM (HEI) This round is another type of 23 mm Anti...
20x128 mm (Tp - T) Anti - Aircraft
This ammunition is produced for training purposes and is fired by 20 mm anti – aircraft cannons. The shell body is same as HEIT type with front section empty and rear section filled with tracer.
20x102 mm (Hei) - Aircraft Ammunition
This ammunition can be fired by Vulcan guns mounted on helicopter The rimless bottle necked case is of steel and electrically primed.
Law Enforcement Cartridges
The cartridges required for the Law Enforcement purposes are other products of Iran which include 9mm, 0.38”, 0.32”, 0.40” and 0.45” calibres as well as 7.65 Browning These cartridges are intended for use with Pistol, Revolver, and submachine-gun and are vastly used by Police...