Iran Optics Industries (IOI) was established in 1987 with the aim of setting up vigorous and modern optics industries. The employment of expert engineers and state-of-the-art equipment has made it one of the most capable industries in the country.


IOI has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing optical equipment according to MIL standards. Comprehensive training facility has enabled us to offer in depth technical support both in Iran and in aboard. In order to produce reliable optical systems we have experienced how to make superior optical components and calibrated instrument.


IOI has developed the technology of manufacturing Optomechanical and Electro-optical elements and devices such as:


Electro-Optical products:

Electro-Optical Fire Control Systems, Aerial Camera, Electro-Optical Surveillance Systems, Marine and Helicopter Digital Display Systems


Opto-Mechanical products:

Hand Held Binoculars, Observatory Binocular, Compass, Aiming Circle, Sighting Scope, Submarine Periscope, Periscopes (Eastern and Western series), Glasses and Optical parts.



Laser Target Simulators, Firearm Training Simulators (FTS) and Dome with Anti aircraft Gun Simulators.



Aircraft Windshields, Aerospace Transparency System, Security and Safety Glass, .... Proof Glass and Cars.


Also we have been able to get both of national and international standards certificates such as ISO, EFQM, ISO 9001/2000, ISO/IEC17025, Kharazmi National Award for innovation and some of customer’s satisfaction certificates.


To provide our customers with high quality products, we have high-tech standards labs and facilities.


We can also provide our customers with engineering and designing consulatations.