N.B.C Protective Products

As a result of years of constant chemical bombardments during the Iraqi imposed war, Iran is definitively the biggest victim of chemical attacks since World War I. Hence, extensive research and development in the field of NBC defense products were carried out to minimize the effects of such attacks.


The unfortunate first hand experience with chemical agents and its victims provided a suitable platform to manufacture a complete array of NBC defense products ranging from sophisticated electronic detectors, permeable NBC suits, practical and affordable masks and canisters, medium size decontamination containers and vehicles to self aid kits containing most common chemical antidotes and skin decontamination powders.


In keeping with world class producers, our research laboratories are actively engaged in developing lighter, faster acting, more precise and affordable NBC supplies. Our manufacturers strictly adhere to international military standards and have obtained the necessary standards from well-known institutions.


Now, with more than 25 years of quality production reputation, our NBC products have reached the export stage and are already becoming the institutional NBC ware of a number of countries.


With respect to achievement of quality & environmental international certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO-QS134852003 and Military Standard which have key role for entering the worldwide competition, we are proud to have put up the company’s image, reliability and respect for committing simultaneously the mutual obligations in companion with customers in internal & external markets.


These products and services include:


1- Sales of technical know-how of several high technology products based on the qualified standards and international rules & regulations.

2- Design, installation and maintenance of a number of production lines aimed at producing industrial products such as: blood bags, microbial hoods and providing technical manpower to design and execute clean rooms of all Sterility classes.

3- Presents various levels of training courses in the area of NBC protective products and defensive equipment and materials.