AIO is a sub-division of Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces support of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


AIO is not only the major and the top organization in Aviation Industries, the policy center and decision making in the field of aviation, but also is the strategic, and the midterm planner for buying and selling both aircraft rotary and fixed wings, and aerial engines as well.


It is the coordinator to manufacture, overhaul, repair, and support of various types of airplanes, helicopters, and their related engines mainly conducted by its subsidiaries.


One of its main tasks are supplying the spare parts for the aircraft in addition to obtaining the different kinds of technologies required for manufacturing various types of parts, tools and assemblies for the Islamic Republic of Iran Armed Forces and other civilian or governmental sections.


Research Center of Aviation Industries Organization with more than 20 years of experience in research & exploration in different aircraft design, manufacture & tests turns to an acquirer organization which has provided considerable services during its activity history for aviation industry of the country, relying on its specialized & liable human resources & its laboratorial infra-structures In different field of designing and testing.


These important missions and different tasks are conducted and achieved through its 6 affiliated industries which are:


Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industries (HESA)
Iran Aircraft Industries. (I.A.C.I)
Fajr Aviation & Composite Industries (FACI)
Iran Helicopter Support & Renewal Company (IHSRC)
Qods Aviation Industries (Q.A.I)
Research Center