The Marine Industries Organization (M.I.O) as one of the major subsidiary industries of Ministry of Defence, began its activity in 1986, aiming of producing a variety of marine vessels with their bodies made of fiberglass, steel and aluminium, in the two categories of military and non-military vessels.


Considering the 3,000 km of marine borderline around Iran and the good market for building and producing various types of marine vessels and export markets, this group has taken action for creating specialized factories in the various parts of Iran in order to have full-fledged presence in the market.


While employing effective , specialized manpower and benefiting from the most appropriate methods of design and production , and with more than 27 years of experience , marine industries organization is presently leading the market for building and producing a variety of marine vessels.


According to the programs, MIO has focused on the following:


- To design , build and produce a variety of military vessels ( surface , surface effect and subsurface types)

- To design, build and produce a variety of non - military vessels: (General Cargo, Multi - Purpose Landing Craft, Tug…)

- To provide designing and engineering services

- To provide purchased engineering services

- To provide and manage projects

- To produce without factory

- To implement research projects in the field of marine industries.

- To provide repair and maintenance services for a variety of vessels

- To perform joint venture projects.


With respect to existing facilities of the organization, it can be mentioned that the shipbuilding facilities in different cities such as Bandar Abbas , Bandar Khorram shahr and Bandar Anzali , are very large and well-equipped with workshops and warehouses and building berths computerized ship lift system cranes of 1600 tons lifting capacity , as well as excellent repair and maintenance facilities supported by floating docks and dry docks , where the ships (up to 5000 DWT) can be accommodated.