The Iranian Ministry of Defence is not directly concerned with the production of civilian goods or manufacturing items such as house-hold commodities, cars, fishing boats ordinary telephones, recorders and computers etc…, however, in peace time, and a prospect of future maybe redundant workforce bothers the authorities.


Though current demand to place orders for non-military goods increase,... all the reasons are there to provide enough signals to senior directors to push the same workforce back into factories,this time for producing civilian items.


Among the enourmous military parts and equipment, M.o.D manufactures a good number of popular products mainly suitable for police force or national defence sector that some of them are shown on this section as miscellaneous.


Variety of equipment which are shown in this part of the directory are produced and used also by police. Equipment and devices to keep law and order to prevent crimes and control essential service routes.


Armed forces also use many of these items to help police and civil authorities to maintain peace in the streets and order in all public places.


Batons, handcuffs, helmets, hunting guns, mines, anti-bullet vests, electronics, portable army tools, camouflages and simulators are to be named as some of the other subjects inserted in this section.