Ammunition and Pyrotechnic

Ammunition and Pyrotechnic

Ammunition Industries is one of the largest industries of Iran Defense Industries Organization which is in charge of producing a wide range of ammunition from small arms up to large caliber artillery ammunition covering both western and eastern standards.

Having more than seven decades of experience in manufacturing military products, it has met the requirement of domestic and international markets in supplying any type of conventional ammunition as well as all components there to.

This industry composing of 8 subsidiaries located in different cities of Iran is utilizing modern technology, sophisticated machineries and equipment as well as specialized personnel to manufacture qualified products in both military and non military field.

This has led industries to achieve various certificates in ISO and other international standards.

Ammunition products include:



ammunition from 7.62 mm to 12.7 mm in different types of Ball , AP and Tracer as well as shotgun and rifle cartriges in various gauges and caliber.



ammunition consisting of 23 mm, 30 mm, and 35 mm each in different types of HE, HEI, HEIT and AP for aircraft and anti aircraft gun. The 30mm is also in two categories; one for BMP2 APCs and the other for NAVAL purposes.



in various caliber of 60mm, 81mm and 120mm in different types of HE, SMOKE, ILLUMINATING and RA(Rocket Assisted for 120mm). These Mortar Bombs are also available with LONG RANGES.



ammunition from 105 mm to 125mm and in different types of HE and APFSDS.



ammunition from 105mm to 203mm and in different types of HE, SMOKE, ILLUMINATING and BASE BLEED.