Propellant and High Explosive

Chemical Industries Group (CIG) is a large-size technical and developed branch of Iran Defense Industries which is affiliated to the Ministry of Defense. CIG was established in 1939 and since then produced military and civil products by making use of a very long experience and taking advantages of the latest advanced technologies and high scientific efficiency for the production of powders, propellant charges and mines explosive materials within a range of more than 200 products.


All products are manufactured as per international skills with the best quality in modern factories, presenting after sales services.


CIG has been awarded international certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 10015 and Military Standard which have enabled it to compete successfully in worldwide competitions. CIG is proud of making a safe and reliable image, for its products worldwide, while keeping its undertakings with customers at home and abroad.


The range of products and materials are as follows:


- Single, Double and Triple Base propellants.

- TNT, DNT, HMX, RDX, Composition (A, B, C4).

- Hexal, Torpex, Cyclotol, PETN, Octal , Ocfol.

- Detonating Cord.

- Emulite (Emulsion Explosive).

- Cellulose Nitrates.

- Increment Charges.

- Ammonium Perchlorate.

- Black Powder.