The previous record of fire arms production in M.o.D had begun centuries ago but mass production began on 1934 in an old factory of weapon manufacturing (Gorkhane). Since then new factory were established in 1937 for producing guns and machine guns and had been developed and completed through the years, and in 1966 the production line for G3 guns and machine guns was established and by the end of 1977 a considerable amount of various mentioned weapons and related equipments were produced.


These factories have been considerably developed for production and related activities, and with utilization of modern technology, it has been able to present its military products with excellent quality and increase the variety.


In part of medium and large caliber gun, Armament Group as one of the most noticeable part of Iran Defence Industries is able to manufacture different type of standard mortars, rocket launchers and variety of propelled, self-propelled Howitzers and many kind of barrels.


The Armament Industries with the skillful experts, competent staff and valued experience during the last two decades in designing, manufacturing, rebuilding and upgrading weapons has the honour to fulfil customer’s enquiry.


Receiving international awards and certificates on high quality and performances such as ISO 9001_2008, ISO 17025_2005, ISO 10002_2004 & OHSAS 18001_2007, ISO 14001_2004 and military standards have enabled Iran to enter the worldwide competition.