Military Vehicles

Since 1986, Armor Industries (AI) of Iran has started its activity with repair works on Armored Personnel Carriers (APC) and T series Tanks in service with Armed Forces of I.R.Iran. In 1989 the first APC was produced and tested and in 1991 it was delivered to the Armed Forces after successfully passing all tests.


In 1990 the repairing of tanks entered the upgrading stage, and in 1992 the first modernized tank (type T-72Z) was tested and presented to the market.


The other activity is, manufacturing BMP-2 Armored Personnel Carrier and T-72S Main Battel Tank. Manufacturing of hull and turret, suspension, mechanical-electrical parts and final assembly is accomplished in the AI facilities with technical assistance and documentations under the license of the original manufacturing country.


Due to experienced employees and skillful specialists, applying the state-of-the art equipment and facilities in manufacturing the armored articles, M.o.D of Iran ready to render services as follow:


- Design and manufacturing of armored vehicles wheeled / tracked.

- Design and manufacturing of special multi purposed vehicles. Overhauling and upgrading of armored vehicles (APC, Tank).

- Manufacturing of different armored protection equipment.

- Rendering training services in armored fields (operating, repair, and maintenance).

- Design and manufacturing of different simulators for armored vehicles.


With respect to obtaining quality & environmental international certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO TF 2002, ISO TS 16949 and Military Standards which have key role for entering the worldwide competition.