Communication and Radar

One of the major and mega industries which is affiliated to M.o.D of Iran is Iran Electronic Industry (I.E.I). This industry was established in 1972 and presently is the major producer of electronic systems and products in Iran.


With eight subsidiaries, over one hundred different kinds of electronic products and 3200 experienced personnel, including 1600 qualified and highly trained engineers in different disciplines, Electronics Industry is considered as the largest electronics company in Iran.


In military field, IEI’s activities cover a diversified range including optics, Electro-optic & Laser, Communication, Telecommunication Security, Underwater Communication, Electronic Warfare, Radar, Radar Tube, Manufacturing & Refurbishment and Missile Launchers.


In military communication, Modern Tactical Communication Systems in HF, VHF and UHF and als Electronic Field Telephone and Switchboard are manufactured by Iran Electronic Industries. In optics and Electro-optics this industry is manufacturer of Night Vision Systems (NVS), Laser Range Finders and Day Sight optics like Binocular & Periscope.


In the space field IEI Designs, develops, produces, tests and utilizes various types of research, remote sensing, and communication satellites in addition to various ground stations (Image Receiving, TT&C, Flight Control Center, User terminals) and develops the level of research in the field of space science and technologies in cooperation with the other related entities.


This Industry is currently enjoying a modern manufacturing capability such as SMT and fully automated assembly lines and well equipped & Professionally managed Calibration & Environmental Laboratory.


Iran Electronic Industries is an ISO-9000 company and its products meets International military standards.


In addition to many versatile products, Electronic Industry has developed a high potential of Research and Development (R&D) which is the technological backbone of the company.