Nowadays, using of training simulators are developing in many fields such as science, industry, military and so on which are most useful procedure to enhance people’s skills for operating systems.

Military simulators are most useful devices for training armies due to decreasing the costs, preventing from ammunition lost because it is not necessary to use real ammunition, real vehicles, and real field. Also this training procedure prevents harms to people and devices.


Generation of virtual reality by computer graphics ● Generation of optional scenarios simulated for different battlefields and Day/Night operations ● Repeated use of scenarios to develop trainees’ skills. ● Cost reduction, time saving, preventing damages to people ● No need to use main weapons and real targets.


FTS-I-12 is used for training shooters and developing their skills on speed, aiming and accuracy with different firearms. All weapons are modified for recoil and shooting like real weapons. Advanced software can generate a virtual reality of battlefield and targets such as terrain, vehicles, and soldiers and …. Features: ● 5 or 10 shooters can be trained with different or same weapons at the same time in fire line with shooter and assigned weapon definable. ● Simulation 10 types of firearms (RPG, Doska, Machine Gun, Kalashnikov, G3, Draganove, M16, Pistol, 60 mm mortar) ● Recoil and rate of fire simulation and considering ballistics to have real situation such as wind effect on projectile. ● 2D & 3D software to design different battlefield tactical scenarios ● Simulated different fixed and moving aerial, on ground and sea targets ● Recording of hand vibration graphs during shooting ● Registering shooter scores and presentation of work reports for each trainee, presentation of impact effects ● Cost saving and preventing from damages since it does not use real ammunitions.



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