Oceanographic Vessel



The ship serves as oceanographic research and is suitable for carrying out scientific and technological activities. In other words, it is a ship for special services with long- distance international navigation and water reserves, bunkers and sufficient supplies provided to allow for at least 30 days of continuous operations, without sea to sea refuelling/ restocking with a fully equipped crew and researchers.

The ship is equipped with two Diesel engine systems, two shafting lines, two controllable blades propellers, two manoeuvring lateral bow and stern propellers; propellers are protected and placed to avoid any interference with launching operations, recovery of systems and instruments.

The material is steel grade “A” for hull structure and aluminium alloy for superstructure, machinery and equipment. Furbishing materials are suitable for ship building. The dimensions and chemical combination of the materials, equipment, machinery, etc. comply with the requirements of the Classification Society.

The hull is equipped with a submerged support for use of acoustic transducers positioning system and multi-beam system. Moreover, the hull is predisposed for the fixed positioning of a scientific echo sounder, a navigational echo sounder, acoustic windows for a chirp system and ADCP, sensors and water loading system.

The apparatus, winches, equipment, pumps, machinery, ventilation systems and anything else will be installed and assembled according to the instructions, the operative and constructive methods resulting from a study on noise and vibration reduction, in particular for laboratories, common areas, cabins, bridges, work areas, and control rooms. Also, this ship accommodates at least 21 people.

The vessel, its engines and equipment are built under the supervision, and in accordance with the rules of classification society.



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