Landing Crafts 2500 & 3300 Dwt

This vessel is a multi-carrier ship and has ship-shaped body in the front section and a flat bottom construction in amid ship capable of loading and unloading the deck cargoes. The superstructure of the vessel is located at the aft deck and is designed to accommodate officers and crew for a total of 11 persons. A large deck area is provided in the fore of superstructure for loading of packed cargoes. Containers and trucks are suitable to carry loads up to approx. 4 ton/m2 on the deck area, 18 long trucks (trailers). Fuel oil tanks of the vessel have a double bottom and double skin construction. The propulsion sector consists of two sets of main engine gearbox shaft and fixed pitch propeller and two rudder steering units. We are able to produce landing craft from 150 up to 5000 DWT based on customer’s requirement. The ships can be used for handling all kinds of light and heavy military equipment between islands.



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