Isolation Stretcher


The purpose of correctly transporting the isolated patient is to provide protection for the patient and others from an infection or a communicable disease while being transported from and returned to the isolation room. Limiting the movement and transport of patients infected with virulent or epidemiologically important microorganisms and ensuring that such patients leave their rooms only for essential purposes reduces opportunities for transmission of microorganisms in hospitals. The mobile isolation system designed for transportation of patients with, or suspected of carrying, biological contagious diseases, and airborne infections ● 99.99% HEPA filtration ● Easily portable and adaptable configurations for a variety of procedures ● Sturdy steel construction with easy-change filter system ● No installation requirements and is easy to operate, clean and maintain…


● Negative-pressurized isolation transport system for high risk infectious patients ● Suitable for inter-facility transfer of infected patients ● The filtration efficiency to 0.3μm aerosol particles is not less than 99.99% with an efficacy of 6 hours ● Equipped with air filtration system and negative pressure generating system ● Polluted air in cabin expelled by fan after the filtration from canister ● Negative pressure up to -16Pa in 2 minutes after power on ● Cabin negative pressure differential (inside and outside cabin) is not less than 40pa ● Negative pressure achieved in less than 2 min ● Runs off Lithium battery or 12V car battery ● Cabin noise during operation is less than 47db ● Mass: Main Unit 20kg ● Dimensions: Main Unit 1900mmx690mmx500mm

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