Transportable Cbrn Emergency Response System


Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear specialists are primarily responsible for defending the country against the threat of CBRN weapons and weapons of mass destruction. Nowadays, terrorist attacks having increased in the world and configuration of the warfare being changed, the demand for a comprehensive, quick and reliable system for CBRN incident is felt more and more. Therefore, the Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research (SEPAND) has designed and produced Transportable CBRN Emergency Response System. This system consists of 4 main systems. 1. Decontamination System 2. Pre-Hospital emergency system 3. Management and Support System 4. Laboratory and Radiology Portable System.


Autodrop System of Containers and Conex (self-propelled hydraulic installation). ● Double -Expandable Conex for Pre-Hospital Emergency System. ● CBRN Collective Protection Inflatable Tents. ● The Separated Electrical and Hydraulic Equipment and Consumables Container.


9 Series of Tents (Entrance corridor, Dressing Room, Decontamination, Drying Room, Medical Examination and Triage, Exit Check, Temporary Admission, Management and Support and Rest of CBRN Team. ● 2 Series of Containers (Decontamination and Management Equipment). ● 4 Series of Conex (Pharmaceutical and Nursing Depot, Double–Expand Pre-Hospital Emergency System, Labs and WC). ● Refrigerator Truck for Bodies Stuck. ● Decontamination Equipment (Wastewater, Fuel and Liquid Tanks, Foam Pumps, Hose Reels, Fog Booster, Clothes, Ozone Generators, Case Carrying of Tents and …). ● Pre-Hospital Emergency System Equipment (CBRN Stretcher Isolator, Injection Room, CPR, Surgery, Temporary Admission, Sialitik LED light, Pharmaceutical and equipment shelves, CBRN Filtration System and …). ● Laboratory and Radiology Equipment (BIS-01 Standard Sampler Device, Polymerase Chain Reaction Device, Glow box, Laminar Flow Hood, Autoclave and … ). ● Support Equipment (Generators and Electrical Panel, Hydraulic Pumps, Hot and Cold Water Tanks and Pumps, Diesel Fuel Tank, Air Compressor, Instrument Compartment and ...).

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