Decontamination System

Decontamination system is used for decontamination of all types of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons from outer surfaces of buildings, vehicles, equipment, roads, people, bomb holes and so on...This system produces hot water, steam, mixed materials of decontamination and surfaces peeling, removes and cleans infection of the sh , m, h factors by physical and chemical techniques. The system may also be used in fire fighting system because it is capable of splashing water with high pressure jets of water flow.


● Ability to decontaminate people in decontamination shower tent ● Ability to decontaminate the clothes by steam in specific tent ● Equipped with a sprinkler monitor system with the separate motor and pump ● Fitted with water sprinkler nozzles at the front and rear of the vehicle ● Ability to use four gun nozzles simultaneously ● Equipped with flexible water tank with the capacity of 3000 liters ● Equipped with control system inside and outside of the vehicle cabin ● Ability to generate dry water vapor at temperatures up to 210 ° C ● Ability to mix water and decontamination material in nozzles ● Has a water tank with capacity of 5000 liters ● Equipped with a 270-liter tank for decontamination material ● Equipped with a two-stroke diesel engine, 17 hp, 3000 rpm ● Equipped with warning strips for contaminated area and AC fire extinguishers ● Equipped with alternators to generate electricity with 220 V


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