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Mindex Center as Ministry of Defence Export Center is affiliated to the Defence Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Mindex entered into marketing activity in 1989.

Being the IRI Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics (MODAFL) exporting entity with 32 years of credible reputation‚ directed to participate in all international tenders‚ sign/endorse contracts, trade of all kinds of exportable defensive/civilian products on FOB, CFR‚CIF, etc. basis arrangement of all kinds of transportation‚ delivering contracted products for and on behalf of MODAFL in accordance with strict observation of the governing rules and un resolution.

Being selected as an exemplary exporter at the beginning of the millennium 'the Mindex Center with its experts in different fields of trade continuously expands its ongoing business among some 35 countries with several varieties of manufactured products.

With the understanding to introduce our products/equipment better to the dear customers and business partners around the globe‚ the idea of bringing about a selection of exportable items came into light in the year 2002.It has taken a good number of specialists and efforts to choose every single item with data/specification that could easily provide our reader with a quick reasonable initial knowledge of the product.

After the introduction of 2005, First Edition‚ followed by 2006/2007 ‚ 2008/2009 and 2013/2016 publication‚ now 2020 editions available to you with more items‚ easy to find‚ better explanation with fine design and bibliographic quality. The present collection is the fifth attempt towards showing the capabilities of MODAFL’s noble organizations and industries which we should place great respect for their endeavors towards developments and upgrading of the products.

In case of any inquiry or more information, please do not hesitate to visit our website.

You can also ask your questions or keep in touch through our Email addresses:


International marketing:Asia@mindexcenter.ir

Arab countries:Marketing@mindexcenter.ir

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