7.62×39 mm

7.62×39 mm (AP, Subsonic, Tracer, Blank)

GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS (TRACER) The case is rimless and bottlenecked of brass and berdan primed. The bullet is made of lead core and tracer powder filling in capsule behind core.

GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS (BLANK) This cartridge is used in rifles and machineguns for army training programs for 7.62-mm weapons. This cartridge consists of a primer and propellant contained in a brass cartridge case. The mouth of the cartridge is crimped and sealed by lacquer to protect against air and moisture.

GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS (PLASTIC BLANK) Plastic Blank Ammunition is designed to provide military forces communities’ realistic training and maximum safety at low cost. Plastic case with extended nose is utilized to simulate blank cartridge.


(AP, Subsonic, Tracer, Blank)
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