G3 Automatic Rifle

The G3 Rifle is an automatic rifle which can fire single or burst shots from all firing positions. The G3 Rifle is recoil operated weapon incorporating a delayed roller locked bolt system. Ammunition is fed from a 20-rounds magazine or can be inserted manually. Telescopic sights or infrared scopes can be employed without modifying the rifle. Rifle grenades can be launch fired with this weapon. The G3 Rifle is available in two models 1. Fixed Butt stock G3 assault Rifle (G3-A3) 2. Retractable Butt stock G3 Rifle (G3-A4)



7.62 x 51 mm

Rate of fire

500-600 rds. /min

Effective range

600 m

Length of weapon

1020 mm

Length of barrel

450 mm

Muzzle velocity

800 m/sec

Weight of weapon without magazine

4300 g

Weight of empty magazine

284 g

Capacity of magazine

20 rds.



Length of weapon (butt stock retracted+)

1020 mm - 840 mm

Weight of weapon without magazine

4600 g

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