KL-7.62 mm Assault Rifle

The assault rifle type KL-7.62 mm is a gas-operated rifle capable both of semi-automatic and automatic fire. It is intended to destroy hostile individual and groups, and can also be used in close combat by bayonet and butt stock. It has become the weapon of many armed forces especially suited for the guerrilla warfare in all weather conditions. The rifle is supplied in various types such as fixed butt stock (KLS), side folding butt stock (KLT) and under folding butt stock (KLF). It should also be mentioned that this rifle has a multipurpose bayonet.



7.62 x 39 mm

Rate of fire

600 round/min

Effective range

300 m

Weight of empty magazine

350 g

Length of barrel

415 mm

Capacity of magazine

30 rounds

Weight (empty magazine)


Model KLS

3570 g

Model KLF

3800 g

Model KLT

3600 g

Length of Rifle with butt stock (retracted and extended)


Model KLS

890 mm

Model KLF

895-655 mm

Model KLT

895-690 mm

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