12.7×108 mm Sniper (NASR)

This long range sniper rifle is a heavy barrel for accurate and precise path of fired projectile of energetic potential. The primary mission of this rifle is targeting and eliminating the cabin of military vehicles, antenna of search radars, turbines, launchers, cabin of helicopters, light naval craft, concrete bunkers, observation posts, command vehicles and soldiers wearing anti-bullet vest. The main features of this rifle are as follows: 1.Effective targeting range of 1800 meters 2.High accuracy 3.Semi-automatic operation with a 5-shot magazine 4.Provision of optical sight attachment with standard mount 5.Foldable stock for easy carrying 6.Anti-materiel



12.7 x 108 mm

Magazine capacity

5 rounds

Overall length

1746 mm

Barrel length

1000 mm

Muzzle device

muzzle brake and flash suppressor

Muzzle velocity

820 m/s

Number of rifles

8, right hand

Weight without ammunition

12.9 kg

Max. height on bipod

431 mm

Effective range

1800 m

Operation mechanism

Semi-automatic , indirect, gas-operated

Service life

2500 Shots

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