KAMIN 20 mm gun

The 20mm sniper rifle is a multipurpose single shot rifle with a long range and high accuracy. Light armoured vehicles, command vehicles, concrete platforms, antenna of search radars, cabins of helicopters and naval craft, infantrymen, observation posts and soldiers wearing anti-bullet vest can be hit by this rifle.



20 x 102 mm

Effective range

2000 m

Muzzle velocity

1000 m/sec.

Operating mechanism

Single shot, manual, bolt action

Sighting system

Optical sight

Telescopic sight specs.

3-12 × 50

Firing position

Prone position

Barrel length

1245 mm

Weight of rifle

22 kg

Overall dimensions with telescope sight (min. possible height) L × W × H

1800 × 210 × 370 mm

Service life of rifle

5000 rounds

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