Main Battle Tank T-72S

T-72S is a full- tracked fighting vehicle with powerful armaments, reliable armor protection and high manoeuvrability. The tank carries three crews. This tank is equipped with a 125mm smooth–bore gun stabilized in elevation and azimuth, a coaxial 7.62 mm PKT machine gun and a 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun. The tank is provided with high-accuracy laying and sighting devices, as well as an automatic loading gear ensuring highly effective rate of gun fire. The anti - aircraft machine gun is provided with sighting and laying equipment that makes it possible to fire both at aerial and ground targets. The tank is also equipped with a dynamic protection system which improves its protection from high explosive armor piercing projectiles. T-72S is equipped with devices designed to protect the crew and inner equipment from shock wave in case of a nuclear explosion as well as against radioactive dust when moving over a contaminated terrain. The tank is provided with the underwater stream - crossing and entrenching equipment (the latter being designed for cuts digging) as well as the means to protect it against napalm - type incendiary fuels. Provisions are also made for installation of mine clearing equipment for the purpose of crossing mine field. To ensure concealment, the tank is provided with smoke screen and smoke grenade launcher systems. In order to extinguish fire inside the tank, it is fitted with an automatic fire fighting system.



Type of tank


Weight of tank with attachments

44.5 ton

No. of crews

3 crew


60 km/h

Negotiable obstacles

Max. gradient, 30 deg. Max. side slope, 25 deg. Negotiable height, 85 cm


2A46M, cal. 125mm, smooth bore

Rate of fire

8 round/min

Coaxial MG

7.62 mm


12.7 mm

Ammunition storage

Cannon ball, 45 Pcs

Missile guiding system

9 K120

Day sighting system


Loading machine

Automatic rotary conveyor




V-84MC-840 h/p

Communication system



Fordable width, 1000 m Fordable height, 5 m

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