Modernized Tank T-72Z

Regarding combat employment of advanced and modern equipment, the T72Z tank is upgraded version of T-55 MBT that provides the same capability of today’s tanks worldwide in terms of mobility, fire accuracy and power as well as armor protection so that it can compete with various similar upgraded models and today’s modern tanks. Features Quick mounting and dismounting of power plant (MPP) in shortest possible time due to its integration and modularity; Being provided with automatic and semiautomatic system of gear shifting; Being equipped with fire control system EFCS-3 and laser range finder, model ND-YAG with range of 10 km; Capability of tracking target (aiming) during firing at night without searchlight; Incorporating stabilizer system with capability of tracking and hitting moving and stationary targets; Armor protection from single and double stage missiles by installation of explosive reactive armor boxes of generation 1 & 2; Communication and navigation equipment (incorporating VRC-222 radio set and capability to install VRC-122 & R-173) ; Being armed with antiaircraft MG 12.7mm cal. and coaxial MG cal.7.62 mm.




40 T

No. of crew


Engine type

Diesel, 4 stroke, 12 cylinder with V-shaped arrangement, 780 hp and water-cooled with supercharger

Power to weight ratio

19.5 hp. /ton

Max. speed

65 km/h

Negotiation of vertical obstacle

Max. 0.85 m

Negotiable gradient/ side slope

Max. 30°/ 25°

Main armament

105 mm gun, rifled (grooved), model M68 with fire range of 14.6 km

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