122 MM Self-Propelled Howitzer

Raad1 122mm (self-propelled gun-howitzer) is the first SPGH designed and manufactured in D.I.O of I.R.IRAN. High stability during firing, good manoeuvrability, firing at different angles, indirect and direct fires, rapid and independent firing, working properly at temperatures -45° to +45°C, rapid changes of positions, easy and fast maintenance are the main characteristics of this system. Raad-1 is equipped with a computer and a monitor to display and monitor the ballistic data. Enough space has been provided for the crew inside the vehicle and ergonomic conditions have been properly considered. Advantages Stability during firing, various shooting angles High mobility, Easy maintenance



No. of crews

4 crew

Combat weight

1750 kg


122 mm

Length of gun barrel

39 times

Azimuth angle

360 deg.

Elevation angle

-3 to 72 deg.

Fire range

1520 m

Max. rate of direct fire

4 to 5 rounds per minute

Secondary armament

Machine gun 12.7mm

Ammunition storage

35 rounds


Diesel , 8-cylinder, air-cooled


Mechanical, 5 forward gears, 2 reverse gears

Max. speed

65 km/h

Max. cruising

400 km

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