Upgrade Of Chieftain Armored Tank

Chieftain tank is upgraded for enhancement of its mobility and manoeuvrability by replacement of power plant system. Power to weight ratio of chieftain tank has been raised from 13 hp. /ton to 16.5 hp. /ton. In accordance with this basic goal, other parts in this tank are also upgraded including preheater, air starter, and smoke screen system. In short, upgrading of chieftain tank provides most importantly the following: ● Increased power to weight ratio ● Enhanced manoeuvrability ● Integrated power plant and ease of replacement and maintenance ● Possibility to use pneumatic start system (compressed air) ● Installation of pre-heating system ● Modification of clutch system ● Design of new brake system ● Design and installation of smoke screen system The possibility of support for spare parts, ease of maintenance, technical know-how of repair, overhaul and easier access to engine compartment are of the most basic upgrading goals.



Power to weight ratio

16.5 hp. /ton

Max. speed

55 km/h

Type of gearbox

TN-12 (electrohydraulic gear shifting)

Type of air supply system

Semi-dry, with speed filter (76 cyclone) and two chambers for optimized filtering

No. of air filter

2 sets

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