Talaieh Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier 4×4

The wheeled armored personnel carrier Talaieh with unique features including very high mobility and agility , simplicity of design and ease of operation , use of semi-heavy weapon of 12.7mm and simultaneously coaxial machine gun of 7.62mm as well as firing ports on both sides of APC, is one of the APCs highly considered worldwide. Lightness, high speed of deployment, and also high security of crews are of other characteristics of this type of APC. This APC is designed and manufactured based on customer’s needs for deployment in counter-insurgency operations, transport of military and law enforcement forces as well as raid and surveillance operations at and on enemy’s sites.



Type of vehicle

Wheeled support-operation APC


7.5 T

Weight of combat ready vehicle

8 T

No. of crew

1 + 10 crew (4+1 with mounted turret)

Power to weight ration

16.8 hp. /ton

Max. speed on paved road

90 km/h

Cruising range

800-850 km


Length of body

560 cm

Width of body

280 cm

Height of body

205.5 cm

Body height to turret top

240 cm

Wheel base

291 cm

Ground clearance with complete load

47 cm


Max. gradient(on rough terrain)

60 %

Max. side slope

30 %

Max. fording height

60 cm

Max. negotiable height

40 cm

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