Boraq Armored Personnel Carrier APC

The Boraq APC is one of the tracked amphibious types of APCs and well characterized among its other similar armored vehicles at the same level by proper armor protection, higher mobility, and capability of crossing obstacles and uneven roads at high speed as well as accomplishing heavy maneuvers.




13 T

No. of Crew

12 (driver, gunner, and 10 crew members)

Engine type

Diesel, 4-stroke, 8-cylinder with V-shaped arrangement, air-cooled with turbocharger

Power to weight ratio

25.4 hp./ton

Speed on road (1st class road) / while afloat

65/ 5 km/h

Capability of crossing vertical obstacle

Max. 0.7 m

Negotiable gradient

Max. 30 deg.

Negotiable side slope

Max. 25 deg.

Main armament

12.7mm DSK MG

Rate of fire

600 round per minute(rpm), velocity of 800 m/s

Elevation/ Traverse angle

26-78 deg./ 360 deg.

Max. fire range

1600 m

Cruising range on dry land (fuel endurance)

625 km

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