Upgraded IFV BMP1 TO BMP2

Tactical Specifications Upgraded armored vehicle BMP1, a fully tracked amphibious vehicle, capable of high mobility, is provided with armament and armor protection and deployed to encounter enemy’s ground and aerial targets.

Features ● Armed with 30mm gun of double link belt, operated automatically (stabilizer) in azimuth and elevation. ● Provided with a 7.62mm machine gun, mobile and stationary missile launcher and smoke grenade. ● Provided with night and day observation devices. ● Provided with systems of NBC protection, automatic fire fighting and smoke screen. ● Provided with communication and navigation facilities, intercom and gyroscope.



Type of vehicle

Full tracked amphibious


Max. 14+2 T

Type of engine

Diesel, 4-stroke, 6-cylinder V-arrangement, water-cooled

Max. rated power

285 - 300 hp. at 2600 RPM

Output torque

883 to 1030N/M at 1500-1600 RPM


Mechanical, 5 forward gears, 1 reverse gear

Max. speed

65 km/h

Negotiability of cross trenches

Max. 2.2 m

Negotiability of vertical obstacle

Max. 70 cm

Negotiable gradient

35 deg.

Negotiable side slope

25 deg.

Cruising range on paved road

500-550 km

Power to weight ratio

Min. 20.30 to 21.71 hp./ton

No. of crew

3 (driver, gunner & commander) and 7 soldiers

Overall dimensions

673.5 × 315 × 255 cm

Suspension system

Torsion bar and hydraulic shock absorbers

Electrical system

Negative body, 24 V

Pneumatic system

Max. air pressure 135-165 bar

Min. air pressure

14-16 bar


Main armament model and caliber

Gun 30 mm, 2A42

Secondary armament model and caliber

PKT 7.62mm M.G coaxial with gun

Konkurs anti-tank missile launcher

Smoke grenade launcher

Gun rate of fire(high/low)

550 / 200-300 round/min.

Gun effective range for ground targets

2000 to 4000 m (depending on type of round)

Gun effective range for aerial targets

1000 m

Gun feeding mechanism

2 separate link belt

Type of gun ammunition

Highly explosive, tracer anti-personnel, tracer anti-armor

Gun ammunition allowance

500 Rounds

Gun loading mechanism

Manual and automatic using primer

Gun fire coverage

360 deg.in azimuth, and 5-75 deg.in elevation

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