BAT-311/E Battlefield Automatic Telephone

Wired communication networks are very important near enemy’s zone. BAT-311/E battlefield automatic telephone set as a new generation of wired communication equipment provides telephone communication between the subscribers via a pair field wire, so that there is no need for switch boarding. Due to this mechanism, in addition to considerable quick network establishment, consumed wire is decreased in comparison with the star structure; meanwhile, maintaining the wired BUS line is a lot easier than the star traditional structures. This battlefield telephone is considered for establishing telephone communication between observation trenches, commander tents, guardrooms, different divisions of battlefield hospitals, etc. Up to 30 subscribers can be connected to a pair field wire with maximum 4.5km length. In order to increase distance of wired network, two battlefield automatic telephone networks can be connected to each other via a general purpose interface. In this case, subscribers of a network can gain access to subscribers of another network.


General specifications


Frequency range

150~300 KHz

Modulation type


Current consumption

less than 25mA

External input voltage


Internal supply

4 sets of the C-size battery


less than 5%

Battery life time

13 days continuously

Physical & environmental specifications

Case material


Dimension (L×H×W)

253×91×149 mm

Weight (without battery)

about 2kg

Operating temperature

-10°C ~ +65°C


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