ATC-720/E Air Traffic Control Tower

Main goals of using an air traffic control tower are to provide communication hardware/software systems and infrastructures for necessary controlling and observing to prevent events/accidents in the covered area (e.g. accident of planes and helicopters), acceleration and regularity of flights, presenting the needed/useful information to make the flights safe, and helping the planes and helicopters in emergency. One of the most important capabilities of this system is possibility of establishing it in various ecological conditions as well as tactical usage and capability of moving easily in field airports. ATC-720/E Air Traffic Control


System dimension


Dimension of the tower cabin

length: 10m, width: 2.4m, height: 2.4m


along with trailer

Dimension of the tower cabin

length: 6m, width: 2.4m, height: 2.2m

External input voltage


Internal supply

4 sets of the C-size battery


less than 5%

Battery life time

13 days continuously

Physical & environmental specifications

Case material


Dimension (L×H×W)

253×91×149 mm

Weight (without battery)

about 2kg

Operating temperature

-10°C ~ +65°C




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