Dehlavieh portable missile system (Pirooz) is based on Dehlavieh’s advanced system and has automatic tracking capability. The system could promote its tactical and operational capabilities by combination of electro-optical tracking system, two-degree freedom platform and Dehlavieh ground laser-site. It could be installed on various types of tactical and armor vehicles and is also equipped with a proper hoist which enables it to be hidden during non-operational situations. The system has capability to attack different armor targets, fortifications and aerial targets with a height of 2 Km and in distance of 5 kilometers.



Rapid and accurate target detection angle value

360 degrees

Time for two consecutive fires for two targets

50 s

The number of launch-ready missiles

2-4 rounds

Application capability in the low-target air-defense

To the height of 2 Km in 5 km range

Daily and overnight operation capability

5 km

Resistance to jamming.

Being less dependent on the gunner and elimination of human errors with automatic tracking.

Increase in the tactical capability with installation on light-weight vehicles, tanks, personnel vehicles and warships.

To seek and track through an independent and strong electro-optical system at the same time.

To pass through an active defense through two consecutive fires.

Increase in operation speed through rapid detection of the target.

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